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Your pet sitting service includes the usual. At your designated time window, your pet sitter, i.e. pet care professional will discretely enter your home (our cars do not display any signage that may otherwise alert your neighbors of your absence) and spend quality time engaging your pet in playtime, yummy feedings, giving them fresh clean water, briskly paced walks and a lot of LOVE & attention. Upon request, we will then also water your plants & collect the mail & newspaper, change lighting & curtains for your home to appear lived-in.

The typical length of these visits is 25 to 30 minutes. Longer visits can be arranged

for an additional charge and are recommended for multiple pet households.


We offer walks & pet sitting visits in 10, 30, 45 & 60-minute  increments. We do not gather multiple dogs from different households; we are exclusive with your pet. This allows your walker to spoil your dog with their time and attention.


We recommend an absolute minimum of 2 visits per day. If you will be out of town for more than one day 3 visits are the recommended minimum.

Time may also be allotted for:

Playing with toysBrushing
Dressing your pup in their favorite outfit
Giving medications
Adjusting lights
Bringing in packages
Taking out trash
Anything else to meet your pet’s needs, as well as your own

We always leave a happy pooch, a handwritten note, a fresh bowl of water, and a treat, if allowed. 


Click here for services and pricing.

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