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  • What are your hours for boarding?
    Boarding is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Human hours for check-ins and check-outs are from 8 AM to 8 PM 7 days a week excluding some holidays.
  • Do you require proof of vaccinations?
    Yes. For the health and safety of our guests, all dogs must have up-to-date records for all of the vaccinations Golden Days requires. We do not accept home vaccinations or titer tests in lieu of vaccinations for any pets. Vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian. We prefer that vaccinations be administered 10 days before check-in. All dogs must be in good health and unexposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within a 30-day period prior to check-in.For the safety of your pet and the other pets in residence, pet guests who have a terminal illness or a severe disability can be more properly cared for at a veterinary kennel facility. Required Vaccinations: All dogs boarding at Golden Days must have on file that they are current with the following vaccinations DPP - (Distemper, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza) Current in the last year. Bordetella - Current in the last year (we suggest six months). Rabies - Current in the last year for puppies & three years for adults. Flea & Tick Medication - Monthly. All pets must be flea and tick free. Doggie guests with signs of fleas and/or ticks will be treated at the Grooming Salon at the Pet Parent's expense. Optional but encouraged. Canine Influenza - Golden Days does not require but recommends this vaccination. Consult with your veterinarian for its benefit
  • How many dogs do you take?
    The number of guests can fluctuate by the day depending on the length of a reservation, the number of dogs checking in, and checking out that day, Doggy Day Camp clients scheduled for the day. We are approved for 7 dogs however we typically only have between 2 and 3 at any given time. During peak vacation periods, school breaks and major national holidays we are usually at capacity and book up early.
  • Why are your rates different during certain times of the year?
    We get this question a lot and it's a great question. We have very limited availability for boarding and like a hotel we base our prices on anticipated and seasonal demand. In general, the week before and after a major national holiday is considered peak season, what we call premier season. Other times when rates are slightly higher would be when kids are on break from school, popular holidays like Mothers Day, Halloween, etc. Deluxe Season add $5.00 per night Premier Season add $10 per night
  • Do you give a discount if I need to board more than one dog?
    Yes, we do offer a 10% discount off of the 2nd, 3rd, etc. for dogs boarded from the same household. Meaning that they live at the same address with the same people. The first dog would be at the prevailing rate and each additional dog would receive a 10% discount off of the prevailing rate.
  • Some pet hotels offer up to 50% off each additional dog why do you only do 10%?
    Great Question! We're not a traditional kennel or pet hotel. All of the dog guests at Golden Days stay in an actual home where your pet care professional lives as well and your dog is free to roam about just as they would at your house. At a traditional dog hotel or kennel they have a certain number of rooms or kennels that can usually accommodate more than one dog. These facilities project their revenue based on one dog per room but will place two or three dogs in one kennel if say for example you happen to have 3 dogs. Since they project revenue based on one dog per room any additional dogs placed in that room are just "gravy" and thus have a positive effect on their revenue. Golden Days Pet Services provides boarding in a home / open concept boarding environment so we are restricted by the number of dogs we can accept per day rather than the number of kennels or rooms. When we discount rates for additional dogs it has a negative impact on our bottom line vs that of a kennel.
  • Should I bring my dogs toys, bed, bowls etc.?"
    Golden Days will provide comfortable, clean bedding and blankets, which comfort your pet and adhere to our strict standards. Additionally, we provide food bowls, clean filtered water, and plenty of toys. For safety and sanitary considerations, we request that you do not bring any of your pet personal belongings (toys, beds, blankets, etc.) other than a crate or kennel if your dog is crate trained. If your dog experiences separation anxiety, or you think they might, you might consider bringing a disposable t-shirt or pillowcase (not washed) as your scent can sometimes comfort them and help dissipate their anxiety. Another reason we request that you not bring personal items is that we cannot guarantee the condition in which they will be returned to you upon check-out or that they’ll be returned at all. Should you bring any of your dog's personal items Golden Days is not responsible for damaged, lost, peed on or misplaced personal pet belonging.
  • Should I bring my dogs food?
    Pet Parents are encouraged to bring their dogs food as dogs can sometimes be sensitive to sudden dietary changes. To ensure proper portion control we ask that you separate each meal into individual containers or baggies labeled with your pet's name. Please be aware that If you bring food in a large bulk container we cannot guarantee the portion size. We request that food bags or containers be no larger than 20 lbs. and multiple bags or containers are acceptable. Golden Days provides CANIDAE brand dog food as our dry option. Currently, we serve their Grain-Free PURE Ancestral Fish Formula Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dry Dog Food for all of our overnight guest. There is an additional charge for this service of $4 per cup. We also provide a raw option by Instict. We offer beef, chicken or lamb and the price is $3 for a 4oz patty. Canidae PURE Ancestral This wholesome dog food features raw coated, wild-caught ingredients. Just like their canine ancestors, dogs thrive on a diet high in animal ingredients. That’s why our Canidae PURE Ancestral Diet formulas are made with abundant amounts of real meat and fish. Every formula contains 6–7 ranch-raised, farm-raised, or wild-caught animal ingredients and locally sourced vegetables, legumes, and herbs. Each 20-pound bag is made with as much as 17 pounds of meat or fish ingredients! The kibble is raw coated with freeze-dried meats for the amazing taste your dog craves and the powerful nutrition they need, to deliver you the best limited-ingredient dog food for your happy pet. INSTICT RAW Real food is raw. Each Instinct® Raw recipe is protein packed with 85% meat and organs and 15% non-GMO fruits, vegetables; vitamins & minerals. We use whole-food ingredients like real beef and never include grain, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives. We believe in the power of raw nutrition because we know the good it can do. Unlock your dog's potential to thrive with Instinct® Raw.​ Real food is raw - minimally processed, never cooked, pure real nutrition Protein-packed with 85% beef & organs, 15% vegetables & fruits; vitamins & minerals Whole-food ingredients like real beef and non-GMO fruits & vegetables; never artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Raw, whole-food ingredients are frozen at their peak to preserve their nutritional integrity and cold-pressured for safe raw food Benefits you can see: lean muscles, strong bones, skin, coat, digestive & immune health, clear eyes, overall energy levels Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world
  • What happens if my pet is injured or has to go to the veterinarian while staying at Golden Days?
    Should your dog or pet require immediate medical attention while under our care, we will do our best to contact you first, prior to bringing your dog to a veterinarian. If the situation is life-threatening, we will rush your dog to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital. We have two emergency veterionary hospitals within 1/4 of a mile from Golden Days. You are financially responsible for all emergency and non-emergency medical care. If you are unable to be reached via phone, we will contact the emergency contact listed in your client account. If you would like to set a monetary limit on the cost of veterinary care please indicate that on the Veterinary Release form or let us know upon check-in.
  • What are your check-out times?
    Our standard check-out times are from 8 AM to 12 PM almost every day of the year I say almost because, like you, we enjoy celebrating the holidays as well so during certain major national holidays we do not accommodate check-ins or check-outs. Examples would include Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. Later check-out times are available for an additional charge and are based on the half and full-day Doggy Day Camp rates. Please see our rates and rate calendar for pricing information.
  • What if I return home earlier than I expected or check-in later than I said I would?
    First, we ask that you let us know about any schedule changes as soon as possible. If the change request is 7 days or more prior to your reservation date, except during "premier season", we will simply adjust the service as you request. If service has started or it's within a 7 day period before the date of your reservation then we will modify your services as requested however you will still be charged for the original services that you requested. During "premier season", 14-day notice is requried. Golden Days Pet Services provides extremely limited open concept boarding and reservations are made to plan for occupancy and to hold one of the available spots for your dog for the dates of your reservation. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the date and time specified in the Clients reservation will remain responsible for the full amount of the original reservation, regardless of whether Client returned home early or departed later than what was scheduled on the original reservation. No amount of money will be refunded and no credit will be issued to a Client for early returns/check-outs or late departures/check-ins by Client after a reservation date has been confirmed agreed upon.
  • Do you accept intact dogs?
    Intact Males and Females 8 months and older are an additional $10 per night. A female in heat tends to stress out the boys, so she will stay in her own little princes' area, and not interact with the other dogs. A little extra cleanup is a must, so an extra $35 will be added to the per night rate. Males 9 months and older not neutered -- i.e., intact males. These boys have a lot of extra mojos, so they will have a little extra special time. They could be placed on a different schedule than our regular guests and could have minimal to no interaction with the host dog or any other guest dogs depending on their temperament and behavior. Marking is part of what the boys like to do so extra clean up is usually necessary. These are some of the reasons an additional $10 per night is charged. Please note, although uncommon, in some cases additional nightly charge may go as high as $25 per night depending on the behavior of the dog once boarded. i.e. excessive marking, destructive, requires an inordinate amount of attention in order to avoid conflicts with other guests, etc.
  • I just picked my dog up from boarding and he drank a bunch of water. Did you not give my dog water?
    I've actually had some ask me in all seriousness if I withheld water from her dog during their dogs 5-day stay!! I tend to be a bit sarcastic and it took everythig in me not to reply with an equally ridiculous answer. But I digress ... After an exciting boarding stay at Golden Days Pet Services, it’s important to ensure your dog adapts well to being back home. While at Golden Days, your dog received access to unlimited water throughout their stay. However, it is still likely they will seem very thirsty upon returning home. This is a common reaction to the excitement of being back at home with their family. Limit Water Intake No Water for 30 Minutes Withhold water from your dog for the first 30 minutes that they are home. Small Bowl of Water After 30 Minutes After they have calmed down from the excitement of being home, you can then give them a small bowl of water. Monitor Water Intake for a few Hours Continue to monitor your dogs water consumption for the next few hours. Dogs that drink too much water too quickly may lead to vomiting or, in very serious cases, could lead to bloat. Wait for 2 to 3 Hours Before Feeding We recommend waiting at least two to three hours from the time you arrive home to offer their next feeding. Again, they will be very happy to be home and quite excited. Similar to the side effects of drinking water too quickly, eating too quickly may cause illness. Golden Days can be a very active environment, with the dogs interacting for several hours per day. Even if your dog did not run all day, simply being awake can make them very, very tired. At home, most dogs sleep the day away getting 18 or more hours of sleep. Although we have a two-hour nap, and the dogs sleep approximately eight hours per night, they will be tired. Please let them rest. We do not recommend that you take them to the dog park or any other social environment for at least a few days after returning home. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call and we will be happy to address any concerns and assist you with your companion's transition home. Thank you for allowing us to care for your beloved family member.
  • How do you determine the rates that you charge for boarding?
    Many dog boarding facilities have set daily rates that apply to all dogs, regardless of size or breed. Some facilities charge the same daily rate regardless of the length of your pet's stay; others may offer a discount if you board your dog for longer periods. The daily rate takes into account our business expenses: overhead, employee wages, rent or mortgage, utilities, insurance, certifications, ongoing training and education, advertising & marketing costs, fees to thrid-party platforms, fuel, lease agreements, the equipment needed to care for the dogs (fencing, shampoos, water bowls, leashes, bedding, blankets, cleaning supplies, gates, kennels), and more. The higher the cost to do business in a given area, such as Orange County CA, the higher the average daily dog boarding rates will likely be. Many don't realize this but apps like Rover or Bark are not pet care companies. They are technology companies that help connect pet owners with people who are willing to care for thier pet while they are away. These platforms provide little in the way of training and have very minimal quality controls. Many of the people who join these apps do it thinking it will be fun and an easy way to earn a few extra bucks, commonly known today as a side hustle. Most are not trained in pet care, do not carry any additional insurance outside of the limited coverage offered by some of these pet care platforms. There are qualified people on these platforms, in facet we use both of the apps mentioned, but it's up to you the consumer to determine if the person or company you are contacting is in fact a professional service or just someone looking to make a few bucks. The point is, never determine who you will have care for your pet simply based on the price or under a false sense of security because you booked your reservation with a well funded pet care platform. If they are cheaper there is probably a reason and those reasons might put your dog in harms way. Inadequate knowledge, training, insurance and licensing are a few red flags to look out for. Another is when a potential pet care person has no requirements that your dog be vaccinated (this could be life-threatening to your dog). Did you know that? In a word RUN! People or companys that board dogs don't require vaccinations to annoy you and make you jump through hoops they do it to protect your dog and all of the other dogs who stay with them. It's critically important to keep your dogs vaccinations current and you should expect no less from your pet care provider. Bottomline, is all of this goes into determining the rates that we charge. I can assure you that if you're paying someone $30 or less per night for pet care and they only watch a few dogs at a time they do not have insurance or bonding and they certainly don't invest in education or training. We live in one of the most beautiful places in world. We have a wonderful standard of living and amazing weather. All of that, however, also makes this one of the most expensive places in the world to live. So personally, if someone was offering to watch my dog for a really cheap rate it would give me pause, and after some of what I have revealed to you, I hope it give you pause as well.
  • What are your hours for day camp?
    8 AM to 8 PM 7 days a week.
  • Do you have doggie day camp on holidays?
    It depends on the holiday. The following holioday's doggie day camp is not available as a stand alone service. New Years Day Easter Sunday Memorial Day Independance Day (July 4th) Labor Day Thanksgiving Day The Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve
  • What times do you do pet sitting visits and private dog walks?
    Our sitters can visit their client’s homes up to 4 times per day. • The “Morning” time slot is between 9 AM& 12 PM. • The “Mid Day” time slot is between 12 PM & 3 PM. • The “Early Evening” time slot is between 3 PM & 6 PM. • The “”Evening” time slot is between 6 PM and 9 PM. • The “Late Night” time slot is between 9 PM and 12 PM. No longer than 12 hours ever goes in between visits. For example, if your pooch were visited at 8pm, then your pet care professional would arrive to your home no later than 8am the following morning. We offer 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and longer upon request visits and private dog walks. The client chooses the duration of the visits or walk and can mix and match to design the best plan for his or her pet.
  • Are there extra costs for services rendered on a holiday?
    You may ask why we charge so much for holidays? There are many reasons but the primary reason is economic. Our pet care professionals are hourly employees of Golden Days Pet Services and not independent contractors . As such, we comply with California State Labor Laws. On a holiday, like Christmas for example,, every employee is paid holiday pay whether they work or not. If they do work, they must be paid at a rate 1.5 times their normal rate of pay for the first 8 worked hours and 2 times their normal rate of pay for any hours over 8. So, at a minimum we are required to pay our team members 2 1/2 times their regular rate of pay. For example, if someone was paid $10 per hour, ( this is an example our employees make more than $10 per hour ), If they work a holiday they receive $25 per hour. The following holidays will incur a holiday supplement of $25 per visit New Years Eve Day New Years Day Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Christmas Day Easter Memorial Day Independance Day Labor Day
  • Do you care for pets that have aggression issues?
    If the pet has aggressively bit someone in the past then no, we cannot provide service. That is too much of a liability issue. If the pet is skittish and maybe just growls around those he doesn’t know, then we will be happy to work with the client to see if a pet care plan can be designed that works. Our sitter will interview the client and the pet to determine if this is possible. If additional visits are necessary to socialize the pet with our pet care provider then the client needs to be present at all visits and pay the normal service fee until socialized. If at any time our pet sitter or pet owner feels that it is unsafe to perform a service, we will reserve the right to discontinue service without notice.
  • What if I return home early from my trip and don't need the remaining visits?
    First we ask that you let us know about any schedule changes as soon as possible. If the change request is 7 days or more prior to your reservation date, except during "premier season", we will simply adjust the service as you request. If service has started or it's within a 7 day period before the date of your reservation then we will modify your services as requested however you will still be charged for the original services that your requested. During "premier season", 14 day notice is requried. Golden Days Pet Services basis staffing on your requests and the time that you reserve is exclusively for your pet and reservations are made to plan for scheduling and to hold one of the available spots for your dog for the dates of your reservation. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the date and time specified in the Clients reservation will remain responsible for the full amount of the original reservation, regardless of whether Client returned home early or departed later than what was scheduled on the original reservation. No amount of money will be refunded and no credit will be issued to a Client for early returns/check-outs or late departures/check-in’s by Client after a reservation date has been confirmed agreed upon.
  • How do I make a reservation?
    Call 949.445.3738 or 883.PUP.WAL:K Email Click here to set up an online account and book service
  • What is your address?
    Our address is 1443 Georgia Street Tustin CA 92782 We do not accept walk-in's. All check-in, check-outs and meet & greet/tours are by appointment only.
  • Do you administer medicaitons, if so is there a charge?"
    Yes and Yes. We are happy to administer prescribed medications if they're in the vet's original container or prescription bottle. A fee is charged for this service to cover additional administrative and insurance costs. Oral and Topical Medications are $2.00 per prescription per dose ( Injectable medications are $4.00 per injection Feeding Tubes $4.00 per tube Other Speciality Services available please inquire. If you dog has a lot of perscriptions to be administered we offer an unlimited medication option for $15 per day. For insurance, liability and safety reasons please do not mix your dogs medications and/or dietary supplements into the pre-portioned meals that you prepare for their stay. Please bring them in their original containers, whenever possible, and we will administer them as directed by you or your veterinarian. Doing this will provide us with quick and tangible access to information that could be necessary in the unlikely event of an emergency when one of the questions always asked is “does the dog take any medications or other supplements.” Having the bottles allows us to quickly obtain that information when in some instances every minute count.
  • How about last-minute requests?
    We’re more than happy to schedule pet care for last-minute needs, however we cannot guarantee that we will have availability or that a pet care professional is going to be available on short notice, (though 99% of the time it really isn’t a problem) We also only schedule service during our regular business hours (8AM-8PM Monday through Friday). There is a one-time $10 non-refundable late booking fee for all primary services requested requested without 24-hour notice.
  • What does it mean that you are bonded and insured?
    A dishonesty bond gives you peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. Anyone that has workers enter their home should be sure that they have a dishonestly bond. We also carry a liability insurance policy that protects from financial loss in the event that we were liable for accidents that occur while caring for our client’s pets. Any responsible, professional business should carry liability insurance. We are happy to provide our clients with proof of insurance and our bond. We can easily email them a copy of our certificates.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We major credit cards, Visa, Master Card & American Express. EFT & Bank Transfers, & Cash. We are also working with PayPal to allow our clients to pay for their pet care over a specified period of time interest free. Pet care can sometimes be a financial stressor on a families budget so I’m excited that we will be offering tis service in the coming months. Stay tuned!
  • Do you accept checks?
    Our payment processor allows for electronic checks but we do not accept personal or business checks or travelers checks. The forms of payment we accept are those listed above.
  • When are payments due?
    A minimum deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking to secure and lock in your pets spot on our schedule Most of our client pay in full at the time of booking. During non-holiday and non-summer time periods final payment is due no later than 7 days before your pets check-in date or the date your services are scheduled to begin. During holiday and summer time periods final payment is due no later than 14 days before Client’s check-in date or the date your services are scheduled to begin..
  • Do you require proof of current vaccinations?
    Yes. For our K-9 clients the following are required: Rabies DHPP Bordatella - required annually but we suggest every 6 months. Vaccinations and Testing that are not required at this time but are strongly encourged K-9 Influenza Fecal Testing (Annually)
  • Do you do group walks with other dogs?
    Golden Days only offer private dog walking services. We do not collect a bunch of dogs from different households and take them out together. The time you book is strictly for your dogs so they have our full attention. We do this for a number of reasons but the primary reason is to insure the safety of your dogs.
  • Why are dog walks scheduled during "time windows"? Can't I have a specific time?"
    One thing I know for sure is that dogs are unpredictable. They can get into all sorts of things and situations which can cause a visit to take a bit longer than we originally planned. If we get to your home and your dog had an accident or chewed something up we will clean it up which of course takes a bit more time and can cause a delay in getting to our next client. Traffic is another reason and an unpredictable variable. So to accommidate these and other unforseen situations we schedule dog walks during a time window. Your pet care professional will arrive anytime during that window. You can request a specific time if you prefer. There is an addiitonal charge of $5 per walk for this option.
  • Do you require face masks/face coverings?
    In a word, Yes. They are required for Golden Days employees and we require that you wear a face coving when checking your do in or out for bog boarding or doggy day camp. We also require face coverings any time there is a personal interaction a Golden Days employee and a. client. Your health and the health of our employees is important to us and face coverings have been shown to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing, a minimum of 6 ft, is also required This is non-negotiable as it has been mandated by the State of California for us to continue to operate and thus something we take very seriously. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented time.
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