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Hyper Dog or Dog with Lots of Energy?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

We have 6 fun activities you can do with your dog to help them burn off that excess energy and heck you might burn a few calories as well.

6 ways to burn your dogs excess energy
Let's play can we can we pleeessseeee!!!!

And here they are in descending order! (drumroll please)

6. Run The Stairs

Before I purchased my home I lived in a 3 story apartment building with no elevator and if that apartment, located on the 3rd floor by way, taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing more exhausting than stairs. If your dog is able to handle stairs well, running them up and down is a quick way to get out excess energy. You can do this inside or outdoors, and you can do it on a leash, have them chase a ball or toy, or toss treats to keep them moving. This is great when the weather isn’t cooperating and going on a walk just isn’t an ideal option.

Your dog will tell you when they've had enough. Like this golden in the picture below.

Okay I'm done.

5. Playing With The Hose

If your dog doesn’t mind the water using the hose (or sprinklers) can be a great way to give them exercise. I found this out by accident the first time I tried to bathe my dog outdoors after he rolled in something gross. Rather than standing still for his bath he went crazy trying to chase the stream of water.

Some dogs love chasing water that’s coming out of a hose or sprinkler. He’d run back and forth chasing the hose hours if I let him, and it’s one of those activities where your dog (or water bill) is doing all the work.

4. Fly-ball

Another high-energy activity is Fly-ball. In this competitive sport, dogs are part of teams and the rules of the game are similar to a human relay race. Dogs race down a course, which includes 4 hurdles. At the end of the first leg sits a box with tennis balls. The dog must stomp on this box to release a ball and then return to the starting line carrying the ball while jumping the hurdles. Once he or she crosses the starting line, the next dog takes off. The goal is to be the fastest team without penalties. Some penalties include dropping the ball or a dog taking off down the course before his or her teammate crosses the starting line.

3. Running with your dog

Running with your dog is like multitasking — you and your four-legged athlete get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina and strengthen muscles. Many veterinarians agree that running with your dog is a great activity with one caveat: Remember it’s your dog’s outing. You should be willing to stop when the dog wants to stop — to sniff and greet other dogs and people — even if that slows you down.

2. Play Fetch

A simple game of fetch can be all that is needed for your dog’s daily exercise fix. Fetch is easy to squeeze into busy schedules, as there is no need to travel far to fit in a game. A close-by park or backyard works great and on rainy days, fetch can be an indoor sport, played from the comfort of your couch.

1. Playing with other dogs

The best forms of exercise for any animal are the activities they would naturally do. For dogs, playing with other dogs fits that definition. If you watch a group of dogs in this setting, they create their own games and expend their extra energy the way they choose.

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